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I’m Helen Zille
You may know me as the former mayor of Cape Town and the former Premier of the Western Cape.. or a twitter troll. I have been a journalist, political activist, entrepreneur, politician, author, senior policy fellow and most lately uMkhulu
But enough with the past – We are here to talk about the present and the future.
Tea With Helen is my new foray into political and social debate. I will be talking to journalists, academics, politicians and other shakers and movers about the big ideas and issues of our time, both locally and globally.
Let’s get out of the Twitter gutter and have some truth-seeking conversations.
Join me on Youtube, iTunes and wherever you get your podcasts.
Let’s have tea.


About Helen Zille

Helen Zille, is a retired South African politician. From 2009 until 2019, she was the Premier of the Western Cape province for two five-year terms, and a member of the Western Cape Provincial Parliament. She served as leader of the Democratic Alliance, the country’s official opposition party, from 2007 to 2015 and as Mayor of Cape Town from 2006 to 2009. In 2019, she joined the South African Institute of Race Relations as a senior policy fellow and started her show, “Tea with Helen” in August 2019.

Featured Episode

Max du Preez

Max du Preez is a writer, columnist and documentary filmmaker. He founded the Vrye Weekblad, an Afrikaans-language weekly and the first anti-apartheid newspaper and its progressive successor Vrye Weekblad Online in 2019. He won the Nat Nakasa Award for fearless reporting in 2008. Between 1982-1988, Du Preez was the Political Correspondent for various publications including Beeld, Financial Mail, Sunday Times and Business Day.

Season 1, Episode 3    |    1 hour 6 min

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Roman Cabanc

Roman Cabanc


Gary Meyer

Gary Meyer


Roman Cabanac is a fierce advocate of individualism, guns and non-aggression. Interests in economics, politics, philosophy and religion makes him competent in most things but an expert in none.

Gary Meyer is a classical liberal and seasoned digital media veteran who has helped companies remain engaging, relevant and adaptable in the ever-evolving digital landscape. 

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Let’s get out of the Twitter gutter and have some truth-seeking conversations.